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Thursday 17 September 2015 | 11.00 - 11.45

Digital World and Change - Helping Organisations Through Their Digital Transition

Whether they want it or endure it, most organisations are engaged into the digital transformation. This transition was originally considered to be a set of technical projects, with a human resource matter: ensure that employees and management adopt the new tools, and allow the organisation to benefit off efficiency savings and performance improvements.

Experience has proved an iterative journey, much more complex than the bright and simple 2.0 future most were expecting. Nowadays, just as aftershocks, organisations face pervasive issues. Just to mention a few: information flows from all around, outside and despite usual channels, and often the leadership team has no chance to add contextual information; middle management identity is changing, as their traditional duties blur or become obsolete; new business models – disintermediation, collaborative economy, … - are round the corner, and may turn the organisation upside down without notice.

How can organisations be helped to address those issues? Can they be changed to become adaptive? During the session, the digital transition challenges will be discussed and various examples of interesting initiatives will be shared.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying some of the challenges of the digital economy for corporations
  • High level understanding of organizational resistance to change, when it relates to digital and social technologies
  • Reflecting on what are the specific issues for Middle Management, and what could be the way forward
  • Walking through positive examples of how enterprises cope with digital transition

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