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Thursday 17 September 2015 | 14:30 - 15:30

Panel Discussion: Project Management and Change Management Partnerships

When projects remain unaccomplished in an organisation, it can be for lack of project management expertise. But more usually projects fail because an organisation did not focus sufficiently on the people aspects of the project.

However, bringing in project management expertise and change management expertise to make a project successful may have some challenges too.

Two pairs of CM and PM who have worked together in a project will share their practices and experiences on the following topics that they have encountered during the implementation of their project:
  • Who is in charge of what?
  • Aligning or integrating project/change plans? Planning of change v. planning of projects - How to manage different speeds in the project/change plan?
  • CM is part of the project team? – Who leads who?
  • Making the success of change management part of the overall success of the team?
  • Educating the customer on the differences of change management and project management?

Learning Objectives

What are the challenges and pitfalls of:
  • defining roles and responsibilities of change managers and project managers
  • managing change plans and project plans
  • organising teams including change managers and project managers
  • defining the success of a project
  • educating customers on the differences of change management and project management

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